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Welcome to the Official Website of Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of COGIC Inc.
Agape District - Ekpoma , Edo State
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Welcome to the Agape District

Bishop Mishael Akpan with the Suprintendent of Agape District . Evang. (Dr.) Felix David
L-R Evang. Mrs. Udauk Peters, Bishop Mishael Akpan, Supt. F. David and Pastor N. Peters from Lagos

L-R, Supt. Felix David, Bishop Mishael Akpan and the District Missionary , Pastor (Mrs.) R. Okhiulu

Bishop Mishael prays for the officers of Agape District

Bishop Mishael Akpan presents Supt. Felix David to the District after installation

Supt. Feloix David recieving a Bible from the Bishop during installation
Ordination /installation of Supt. Felix David, standing by in blue is the District Missionary

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