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Welcome to the Official Website of Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of COGIC Inc.

Resolution of the Meeting between Bishop Mishael Akpan and Bishop T. N. Josiah held at the instance of the Vice President of the International Mission department of the Church of God in Christ Inc. Pastor (Dr.) Bobby Henderson on Saturday the 27th of April 2002 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

In line with the directives of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ Inc. Worldwide, Bishop G.E. Patterson, the President-International Missions Department of the Church of God in Christ Inc. Worldwide, Bishop C. L. Moody who authorize the Vice President of the International Missions department, Bishop (Dr.) Bobby Henderson to set up a structure to promote peace, unity and understanding between the parties involved (Bishop Mishael Akpan and Bishop T.N. Josiah) did resolve as follows:

1. That Nigeria be divided into two jurisdictions: - The Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the leadership and oversight of Bishop Mishael Akpan who has a greater concentration of his Churches south of the River Niger and Benue while Bishop T.N. Josiah who has concentration of his Churches north of the River Niger and Benue will oversee the Northern Nigeria (Good News) Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Though by COGIC Standard jurisdictions are not limited to Geographical boundries, both parties unanimously agreed that these will still be applicable to Nigeria , and each others work in either Northern or Southern Nigeria will still belong to the Pioneer of such work. 

2. That both Bishops be formally installed and presented according to COGIC tradition come the international Holy Convocation in November 2002 at Memphis TN - USA.

3. That a formal certificate of appointment from the General Board be given to both Bishops Bishop Mishael Akpan of the Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Bishop T.N. Josiah of the Good News Jurisdiction.

4. That for the safety and efficiency, all COGIC Ministers visiting Nigeria should notify both offices of the Jurisdictional Bishops of their intention and purpose of visit to Nigeria and their itinerary.

Bishop Mishael Akpan
Jurisdictional Bishop
Southern Nigeria Ecclesiasticla Jurisdiction
Church of God in Christ Inc.
P.O. Box 2905 Mushin
Lagos - Nigeria.
Phone: 234-1-4968404
Fax: 1- 240-744-3858

or as the case maybe

Bishop T.N. Josiah
Northen Nigeria (Good News) Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
P.O. Box 5002 Garki
Abuja - Nigeria

5.That Certificate of affiliation and ordination of our local Churches be sent to each of the Jurisdictional Bishops as the case maybe once such application is filed with the International Mission Dept.

6.That the withdrawal of each COGIC Church from one jurisdiction to the other should be with the written consent of the jurisdictional Bishop to the other irrespective of whatsoever reason prompts such withdrawal.

7.That any dealing by the international Church with any local assembly in Nigeria should be with the knowledge of the Jurisdictional Bishop for accountability and good stewardship.

8.That the international Church should further assist us with the establishment of a Bible College for the training of COGIC ministers in Nigeria.

9.That the International church should revitalize the earlier projects initiated by Bishop Bernie Benbow when he was appointed the Bishop of Nigeria by late Bishop O.T. Jones Sr. at that time the Senior Bishop of the Church of God in Christ inc. such as Bernie Benbow bible College and Health Center.

10. That a formal application be made to the American Embassy in Nigeria to create a standard delegate quota of Board members from each jurisdiction fro the International Holy Convocation annually.

11. That COGIC Nigeria should be supplied with COGIC Manuals, Sunday school manuals, YPWW training materials etc for every quarter. For easier circulation to all COGIC Churches in Nigeria we suggest that a budget be made to assist us in reprinting of such materials here in Nigeria.

12. That all checks and donations for Church of God in Christ Nigeria should be addressed to as per the jurisdictions as follows:
Pay to COGIC Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction or Northern Nigeria (
Good News) Ecclesiastical  Jurisdiction as the case may be.
13. That this resolution be served to all members of the General Board, Jurisdictional Bishops, International Departmental Heads , Seminaries/ Colleges in the Church of God in Christ Inc. Worldwide.
14. It was also agreed by both Bishops that Nigeria will maintain two jurisdictions for now until stability and unity is achieve before futher creation of jurisdictions as would be recomended by both Bishops.
15. That in all maters of affiliations, correspondences, or any other transaction between any foreign COGIC Church and any local assembly in Nigeria in either of the jurisdictions should pass through the Office of the Bishop in that Jurisdiction as contained in the COGIC Manual/Constitution.
16. That we hereby appeal to the International Church to cease all dealings with any local Church in Nigeria until such Assembly is certified by either of the Jurisdictional Bishop.
17. That a permanent budget of financial support for the development and growth of the Nigerian COGIC be approved for both Jurisdictions.
18. That the International Church should assist to run a TV network program (Bountiful Blessing Network ) to be airing COGIC Leaders tapes in Nigeria thereby creating awareness and as a medium of Evangelism
Witness our hands today this 27th Day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and two.

Bishop Mishael Akpan
Jurisdictional Bishop
Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.
Church of God in Christ Inc.
Bishop T.N. Josiah
Jurisdictional Bishop
Nothern Nigeria (Good News) Ecclesiastical
Church of God In Christ Inc.

Bishop (Dr.) Bobby Henderson
Vice President
International Missions Dept.
Church of God in Christ Inc.
Memphis, TN 38101